Welcome to Gaia!

Have you ever held the desire to wield a sword? To make a simple gesture of your wrist and cause a person to explode? To stand out from the every day person, to be loved and revered… or hated and feared? To be something other than what you are… to break out of the ordinary.

If so, then this is the place for you.

Welcome to Gaia, a world of fantasy and magic. A world of beastial races, evil empires, beautiful bards, powerful wizards and everything imaginable in between. A place where you can take the desire for fantasy deep within and give it scope, allowing it to be released. Here you can join others and work at helping flesh out and change the world of Gaia.

But will it be for the better? Or will your decisions be swayed by evil intent? Only you can decide.

Open your mind, and step within… if you dare.

This is an adult-oriented RPG using DnD Pathfinder.

Note: Gaia is an IRC roleplaying game run on the irc.darkmyst.org server on mIRC